We help remote tribes and individuals improve their own quality of life thru basic industries that they run and own themselves

Our Vision

Leadership Outfitters LLC (LOLLC) is a for-profit Utah company created in 2007 to develop small scale, locally owned “anchor” industries in poor communities around the world.

We have watched the evolution of industry and economy in the intermountain area of the United States over the past 60+ years. What started as a disadvantaged people in a harsh environment and against all odds, resulted in a place and people with an incredible standard of living. They lifted themselves to obtain prosperity and continue to succeed while other areas around the US continue to struggle.

We believe that many of the methods used can be applied to people around the world. We seek to strengthen the global economy and believe it will happen faster between citizens and small businesses.

We recognize the importance of leadership and the need for culture change and strategy in helping poor communities improve their own quality of life.

LOLLC is available to help locals build healthy, transparent governance; support as needed, the technical study and economic feasibility of projects; and finally train, coach, and partner (where appropriate) as we move forward through Business Planning and Project Execution.

We are not a non-profit organization. LOLLC services are available for free to qualified users up to certain limits via the web. Where appropriate, and as mutually agreed, we will take a temporary or limited financial position in select projects. When we work with a community on a project we provide all the necessary assets needed for success because we only succeed as an organization if our projects succeed. We support charities and non-profit organizations, but our method requires profit, jobs, and growth. The same as when the American dream was being created.